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09 July 2005 @ 03:08 am
you kno w what  
Padme? I know you dont' like me lookign at you or.... whatever.... but how else am I supposed to see where I'm not supposed to put my... well, I know you don't liek me touching you with my right hand, so if i can't look at you, how can I see where not to put my hand? what's up with that?

And Obi-Wan? Youre not my master anymore, so I dont really have to listen to you. If I hear one more word abotu something leading to the darkside, I'm going to go sith on all your asses.

If you can have jsecret meetings behind my back, Padme, I can go to the outlander club to try and forget abotu it. So... just...

Aw, forget it.
how we feel: drunkdrunk